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VCE & VET Subject Descriptions - Box Hill Senior Secondary School

Subject Descriptions – Overview

The information that follows relates to VCE and VCE/VET subjects currently offered at Box Hill Senior Secondary CollegeVCE & VET units offered may change depending on availablility.  

Subject Descriptions prepared by BHSSC teachers can be viewed by clicking on the list at the left. These descriptions should be read in conjunction with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) subject descriptions. Each description page has a link to the Study Summary for that subject. 

When viewing the VCAA website we recommend that:

1. For VCE subjects please click on the Study Summary.
2. For VCE VET subjects please click on the Information Sheet.

It is also worth noting the Credit in the VCE and the ATAR (Tertiary Entrance) Contribution sections.

Please note the following –

  • For Units 1 & 2 students may change their program at the end of semester one.
  • Unit 3 & 4 studies must be undertaken as a sequence over both semester 1 & 2.
  • While BHSSC offers a very broad curriculum we do not offer all subjects.
  • Students regularly undertake a range of VCE subjects via Distance Education.
  • Some students also use an external provider to enrol in VET subjects not offered by BHSSC.
  • If you are interested in enrolling in a subject not listed please raise this issue during your enrolment interview.
  • In units 1&2 all VCE and most VET subjects are examined at the end of each semester.
  • In units 3&4 all VCE and most VET subjects are externally examined at the end of semester 2.
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